Peace is gold

Life is all about ups and downs.Today many people are too busy rat racing for money.Some would say that it is the nature of a human being.It only takes a lil time for them to realise that it’s too boring.Someday they might stop for a while and think where their peace is.Indeed it ain’t too late for them to earn it back.I was also racing in the so called rat race for it only took a while for me to get too bored and weiry.I kept on thinking for I knew that a person could succeed further if only both their minds and hearts are peaceful.The next moment I grabbed a scissor and some colourful boards.I discovered my own peacefulness for my creativity over flowed.Not only did I earn peace,for I showered people with happiness and joy.I was blind for I thought that earning was gold.All I ever wanted was to be independent.It only takes a moment to do good and for good to come inreturn.I found my peace and I want you to find yours too.It’ll brighten you’re sad days.At the end “Peace is GOLD”